OK BOX – the concept

The self storage consists of making available to companies and individuals secure storage spaces, of variable sizes, for short or long periods, so that they can store, archive, store their goods.

What is the difference between furniture storage and Ok Box ?

The concept of self storage is more flexible than that of the furniture repository. Here are the main differences:

  • The goods are stored in rooms (called boxes) closed with a padlock which only the customer has the key.
  • The customer stores his own stuff The customer can access it whenever he wants, without warning or paying additional fees.
  • We pay only the days used and not the whole month.
  • The formalities of renting and returning the box are very simple and fast.

Who is OK BOX for ?

To everybody ! Individuals or professionals. For example :

  • For people moving or going abroad. For families who want to keep property, furniture and have no cellar or attic.
  • For students who need to store their belongings the time of the holidays.
  • For those who have their basement building sometimes visited and want more security.
  • For people who want to store seasonal goods (garden furniture, bicycles, skis, etc.) to protect them from bad weather.
  • For companies that would like a small warehouse to store documents, computers, archives.
  • For stores that need more storage space or have to deal with a big delivery for the season.
  • For representatives who need to store their products or samples.
  • For small artisans looking for storage space for their equipment and tools.

1 ° Contact and evaluation of your needs

We estimate with you what volume of storage you need, so you can determine the size of the space that suits you best For that 2 possibilities are available to you

  • Via the contact form
  • By phone on +41 78 909 99 92

2 ° See you in our center

We set an appointment with you to show you our facilities. You will be able to park your vehicle in front of our premises, on our free and reserved places. We will be happy to welcome you there.

3 ° Determination of the most suitable box

We determine with you the box that best suits the volume you want to store.

This estimate is sometimes difficult to do at the moment.

That’s why you can change size box at any time (subject to availability).

4 ° Reduced formalities

In order to get the necessary items you assign a storage space we need:

  • For individuals :
    • an ID
    • a copy of an invoice from the industrial services (in order to to justify your home)
  • For companies :
    • a copy of the extract from the Commercial Register (available on the internet)
    • a piece of ID from each person signing the contract.
    • The signatories must be validly authorized to bind the company by their signature individual or collective.

In addition, we ask you to pay the deposit before taking possession of your box (it will be returned upon departure).

5 ° You take possession of your storage space

You can take ownership of your individual storage space.

Indicative prices 2019

The indicated price corresponds to the monthly rent of each category during 1 month, before the discount granted according to the and the mode of payment (see below)

Locker: volume of 1 m3

  • this volume allows you to store some business safely
    • possibility of storing 6 to 12 cartons of medium size adequate

      volume for storing 15 to 20 archive boxes

      PRICE: from 30.- before taxes

      From 30.- per month

      -10% for a rental of more than 12 months

Box XS : storage volume of 2 to 8 m3

  • ideal to sotre a few things (files, child joys, wine …)
  • sufficient to store the furniture of a one-room apartment
  • big enough to store up to 50 medium sized boxes
  • adequate volume to store up to 200 archive boxes

    Price from

  • CHF 40.- by month, including VAT
    •  -5%     rebate if you rent storage rooms for more than 6 months
    • -10%    rebate if you rent storage rooms for more than one year
    •  -3%     rebate if you pay 6 months in advvance
    •  -6%     rebate if you pay the whole year in advvance

Box S : storage volume of 9 to 16 m3

  • ideal for storing the seasonal stuff (garden furniture, bicycles, skis, windsurfing etc. ..)
  • sufficient to store the furniture of two rooms’ flat
  • big enough to store up to 120 medium sized boxes
  • adequate volume to store up to 500 archive boxes

Price from
  • CHF 158.- by month, including VAT
    •  -5%     rebate if you rent storage rooms for more than 6 months
    • -10%    rebate if you rent storage rooms for more than one year
    •  -3%     rebate if you pay 6 months in advvance
    •  -6%     rebate if you pay the whole year in advvance

Box M : storage volume of 17 to 24 m3

  • sufficient to store the furniture of three rooms’ flat
  •  big enough to store up to 220 cartons of medium size
  • adequate volume to store up to 800 archive boxes

Price from
  • CHF 260.- by month, including VAT
    •  -5%     rebate if you rent storage rooms for more than 6 months
    • -10%    rebate if you rent storage rooms for more than one year
    • -3%     rebate if you pay 6 months in advvance
    • -6%     rebate if you pay the whole year in advvance

Box L : storage volume of 25 to 32 m3

  • sufficient to store the furniture of four rooms’ flat
  •  big enough to store up to 300 cartons of medium size
  • adequate volume to store up to 1’000 boxes of records

Price from
  • CHF 350.- by month, including VAT
    •  -5%     rebate if you rent storage rooms for more than 6 months
    • -10%    rebate if you rent storage rooms for more than one year
    • -3%     rebate if you pay 6 months in advvance
    • -6%     rebate if you pay the whole year in advvance

To define your need, please use the space calculator just beside.

It will help you to estimate the volume that you need to store.

  1. Calculate the value of your property and make sure they are covered by your insurance.
  2. Label clearly all your boxes so that you will easily find what you need.
  3. Keep in our home a detailed list of your boxes with their contents.
  4. Place large or heavy boxes at the base of the storage box and put lighter items on the top.
  5. Do not place heavy items on a sofa or mattress, they may be distorted.
  6. Use solid boxes of the same size in order to optimize space usage
  7. Wrap table legs and furniture to prevent bumps and scratches. For example use a blanket to protect them.
  8. Wrap delicate items in protective packaging such as paper-bubble and write “fragile” on the boxes.
  9. Use wardrobe boxes to store your clothes and avoid wrinkles. Clothes and bedding should be cleaned and dried completely.
  10. Lawnmowers, petrol or diesel engines must be drained before being stored.
  11. Refrigerators and freezers must be fully defrosted and dried for storage. Their doors must be ajar to facilitate ventilation.
  12. Cooking utensils such as pressure cookers, mixers should be cleaned and not greasy.
  13. Books and records must be stored horizontally, and they should not be placed directly on the ground.
  14. Leave a space between your cartons and the walls of the box to allow ventilation, or press any furniture or heavy objects against the walls of the box.
  15. Be careful not to store flammable products such as paint and chemicals, or such as food or perishable.
  16. Always use quality locks for your box. Locks are available at reception.

Space calculator

Plase use this calculator to
help you to estimate the space
that you will need to rent.

It is strictly forbidden to

store perishables, liquids,
corrosive or flammable
gases, gasoline, motor
vehicles (including tires.)
and any other illegal

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is the self storage?

    Rent a private and secure box of 1-32 m3, for a period of one month or more, in order to store all your stuff. You can access freely through your electronic key from Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 8 pm.

    What are the areas available?

    Storage facilities have areas between 1 and 12 m2, and high ceilings between 2.20 m and 2.70 m

    What does a storage box?

    A secure storage locker of 1 m3 is available for only CHF 30.- per month including VAT. You can rent a box of 1 m3 to 10 m3, depending of yours needs.

    The prices are calculating based on the volume and the price by m3 are decreasing according to the size of the box. You can beneficiate of rebate depending of the payment term and duration of the rental.

    Thank you to contact us so we can find together the solution that suits best your needs.

    Do you need to pay any additional fees?

    We request a deposit almost equivalent to the price of your rental space for one month. This amount will be refunded when you returned the boxes and cleared it.

    Apart from the monthly fee for the storage and possibly insurance, there is no additional cost.
    We don’t charge you entry or exit fees!

    What about insurance?

    All stored goods must be insured against fire, water and theft damage.

    If you have a business, generally you also have a business insurance that covers this type of risk.

    As a private person, you should ask your insurer to transfer the place of risk to our address. It will not costs you more but it will cover the risks!

    What is the minimum rental period?

    The minimum rental period is one month.

    When can I cancel my contract?

    You may terminate your contract at any time, by giving 10 days notice.
    We will charge you only the days used ! If you pay in advance and change the contract ending date, we will reimburse the day not used.

    Can I make reservations?

    If you do not need your storage room immediately, you can book it for a later date with a deposit equal to one monthly payment.

    How far in advance should I book a storage unit?

    Depending on our availability, you can rent the box quickly.
    However, we recommend you to book it early in order to be able to give you the suitable size of boxes.

    Can I work in my storage?

    Our facilities are primarily intended to store goods and not to work in. These are not workshops.

    What can I store in my storage?

    You can store anything you want, except the items and perishable goods, odorous, toxic, hazardous, flammable, explosive, corrosive, volatile, or which cause a nuisance for neighboring customers in another way. It also excludes ammunition, live or dead animals and anything that requires controlled storage conditions, or whose possession is prohibited by law.

    How and when can I access my storage?

    To gain access to the building and to your boxes, you need an electronic key. Building and boxes are under alarm. You need as well your own padlock to open your boxes. You can come to the boxes from Monday to Saturday, from 7am to 8 pm.

    Should I bring my property myself or do you organize the move?

    You can do everything by yourself if you wish or chose a professional mover. You are free